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Mississippi Man Shoots 2 Intruders After They Kick in His Door

A Mississippi man was awoken on Sunday morning by a knock at his front door. Before 25-year-old Michael Richardson could answer, an unknown person departed in a gray Toyota Camry.

Richardson went back to bed, only to be awakened a short time later by a loud noise coming from his garage.

Thinking someone might be trying to break into his home, Richardson picked up his gun and went to investigate.

As he walked up to the front door, he could hear people outside talking.

According to Richardson, a male voice said,

“Nobody’s home.”

Then the front door was smashed open. Richardson opened fire as two men, 18-year-old Titus Kelly and 19-year-old Antonio Jackson, burst through the door at him.

Richardson shot both men as they charged, killing Kelly, and severely wounding Jackson.

According to Moss Point Police Chief Brandon Ashely, Jackson abandoned Kelly at the scene and fled. He was taken to the hospital by a person driving a gray Toyota with gunshot wounds to his chest.

Hospital staff called in a helicopter to transport Jackson to a hospital in Mobile AL, where he is currently listed in serious condition.

Allen Bush, who said he is a coworker of Richardson, told WLOX He thought Richardson did what he had to do to survive,

“I know (Richardson),” he said. “That young man works with me, he do the same thing I do at Ingalls Shipyard. He’s a fine, upstanding young man. It is hard. And we want to reassure him that he was acting within his rights and protecting himself and his property.”

Chief Ashley says no charges have been filed against Richardson for shooting the two men, but the investigation is still ongoing.

Kelly’s death marks the 6th homicide this year for the small Mississippi community of Moss Point.

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